Urban Growth is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of ultra efficient, sustainable farming methods in urban areas.


In 2013, three lifelong friends from South Bay San Diego with a passion for urban farming began noticing a lack of accessible fresh produce in their community.

In 2015, they launched Urban Growth with the goal of bringing agriculture back into urban areas through hydroponic farming. Urban Growth launched its first MacroFarm program in 2017, and piloted a school-based program in 2018.


Urban Growth is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable farming. Our mission is to promote the application of hydroponics in urban environments. Urban Growth is incubating a forwarding-thinking, urban farming future with hands-on educational programs for youth, adults, and communities. Our classroom-based MicroFarms and large-scale community MacroFarms serve as a models for sustainable and efficient food production. Our vision is to make fresh and nutritious food accessible to everyone.


Urban Growth is helping incubate our forwarding-thinking farming future with programs for elementary school aged students, larger scale community farms and educational workshops.


MicroFarms are intended to be used by individuals learning the basics of hydroponics. Mainly used in our schools, users of


MacroFarms are located where people need them most, urban centers. MacroFarms are designed to bring people together (whether it is



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