You Can Help Urban Growth Attend Indoor Ag-Con!

Hi friends!

We need your help to raise $1,000. Here’s why.

2018 was a big year for Urban Growth. We launched MicroFarm programs in two San Diego middle schools that helped 500 students learn to grow vegetables with hydroponics. We harvested 250 lbs of fresh, locally grown lettuce, kale, and cabbage from our rooftop MacroFarm for more than 200 formerly homeless residents of Alpha Square. And we raised nearly $40,000 in grants to keep growing our programs in 2019!

With all of this momentum, we see so many opportunities on the horizon.

And there’s a big opportunity coming up.

Indoor Ag-Con is a huge annual convention that brings together the “Who’s Who” of the agricultural sector. In their own words “It unites growers, investors, chefs, tech geeks, produce buyers, academics, policymakers, industry suppliers and advocates in lively discussions of the industry’s promise, issues and future across formal conference proceedings, practical mini workshops, exhibits, lunch table discussions, and unconferencing sessions.”

We attended Indoor Ag-Con in 2017 and we can’t put a price on the amazing networking that happened. We came home with new friends like General Hydroponics, San Diego Hydroponics, and more.

This year, the generous folks at Ag-Con have agreed to give us a significant discount! A booth and tickets would normally cost nearly $3,000. They’ve reduced that price to $1,000 since we’re a small nonprofit organization.

So we need your help. Our grant funds are specifically allocated to our programs and don’t cover the cost of an event like this. This is a critical opportunity for us to share and promote our work with industry leaders. The benefits of attending Indoor Ag-Con include:

  • Promoting our educational and food access programs to serve many more San Diegans in need
  • Networking with a wide range of agriculture professionals
  • Developing partnerships with key industry organizations
  • Learning about innovations in the indoor ag sector
  • Demonstrating the importance of nonprofits in the hydroponic space
  • Sharing our amazing success stories from the past year

With your help, we can raise the $1,000 for an Urban Growth booth at Indoor Ag-Con. Please consider supporting us in any way you can. Thank you so much for your support!