MicroFarm @ Home

Congratulations on your new MicroFarm@Home Kit! We are so excited for you to begin growing your own produce at home and engaging with our STEM educational activities!

MF@Home Kit

MF@Home STEM Curriculum

This curriculum is designed for learners of all ages to grow their own produce like real farmers and think critically like real scientists & engineers! You can follow our basic “Root Curriculum” sequence or feel free to try out some of our branching extension activities! We will periodically update the curriculum and continue adding new branches! Happy farming!

Tag #MicroFarmatHome to share photos of your own growing MicroFarm!

Root Curriculum

– Root Curriculum – Whole (pdf) (Google Doc)

– Step 1 – Material Gathering & Modifying (pdf) (Google Doc)

– Steps 2-6 Combined (pdf) (Google Doc)

– Step 2 – Germination (Google Doc

– Step 3 – Predictions (Google Doc)

– Step 4 – Transplantation (Google Doc

– Step 5 – Maintenance (Google Doc)

– Step 6 – Harvesting (Google Doc)

Extension Branches

Try some or all of our extension “branching” activities to customize your MF@H kit!

1.1 What do plants need to grow and survive? (Google Doc)

2.1 How much water can a grow cube hold? (Google Doc)



Stay tuned for more Branching Extension Activities as this curriculum continues to grow and develop!